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Acrylic Primer Undercoat
Acrylic Resin-Based UV-Resistant Water Insulation Product
Alkyd Acid Coating Product
Antibacterial Epoxy
Bitumen Based Primer
Bitumen Modified 2K Polyurethane Liquid Insulation Membrane

About Us


The use of chemical products in the structures began to increase at the end of 1990s. We entered into the sector in 2003 with the foresight of very fast growing of the sector in Turkey as a result of feasibility studies conducted by use in the sector of construction chemicals in these years. We started the production of insulation and adhesive filter glue, Protolin, and electrical insulation products for the first time in Turkey. An increased demand and growing technological investments brought out company to an unrivaled position in certain items. POLYMEX has been drawing attention with a stable quality comprehension and service network continued for many years in Turkey and abroad and proving itself as an organization offering quality and systematic solutions in construction sector. POLYMEX. taking into account the importance of being closer to the customer to increase its brand awareness and market share in the sector, established a new production facility at Tuzla Varnish Industrial Site since 201 2 with an awareness that offering quality at more affordable prices and faster is logistically based on a true growth. POLYMEX, with different types of product range more than 200 in the sector of construction chemicals, is engaged in research and development of customer expectations not only focused on technological developments, but also on the basis of their needs. Manufacturing products that will meet the expectations of masters that apply them in addition to benefits gained by end — users is a different reason for our happiness.



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